Grizzly Bear & Gull – Alaska

Hours and hours waiting

 Grizzly Bear & Gulls – Alaska

Waiting: condition too often hated and avoided, accustomed to "all immediately", to be able to choose what we want (or rather - what now passes for the my head) with a simple touch of finger. This is the basic condition together with the silence to enter in connection with wildlife, with all that are not closed by a fence and are not under our orders.

Grizzly Bears & Salmon – Alaska

The nature and the beings that populate it have their own rhythms, their habits, and to meet them you have to stay, wait, listen and observe every single little detail... in silence!

Grizzly Bear & Salmon – Alaska

before it is too late!

Puffin – Iceland

Puffin & Herrings – Iceland

Knowing the species you are observing and its habits is important to find yourself ready for theencounter and predict any movements...

Sea Lion – Patagonia

The first defense for animal species is the "camouflage", hiding in the surrounding environment so as not to be identified. This characteristic must also be specific to those who want to meet this world, so clothing, smell, posture and silence are all elements that need to be taken care in order not to be identified and lose the magic of the encounter. Not being identified goes hand in hand with not disturbing and not interfering with the normal life of the species, a fundamental condition and great responsibility for those who practice this activity. 

Roe Dear – Italy

Using the camera's lens there is research to capture the emotion, to be able to pass through the photos. 

Each shot is a vivid memory of an encounter, a story that could be told...

Mountain Goat – Rocky Mountains – Colorado

Grizzly Bear with cubs – Alaska

Step by step behind the footsteps of the mother. The cubs in the first years of life grow up under the protection and care of mummy and are attentive to everything that moves around them, creating a wealth of experiences useful to face the adult life that quickly approaches. 

Grizzly Bear Cubs – Alaska

And the curiosity for the surrounding world is really great!! 

Grizzly Bear Cubs – Alaska

Nothing is casual! In each shot there is the search for elements that can characterize the scene.

Brown Bear with Cubs – European Alps

The research of the composition, the scene where the action takes place, is a key element, because the spectator enters into the event. It provides the spectator with the setting and contours of the natural spectacle.

Red Dear -Italy

Chamois – Italy


Flamingos – Italy


Gulls on the Ice – Italy

Searching for the particular expression of the subject is an element that characterizes the single shot and that can make the difference.

Moose – Wyoming


Fallow Dear – Italy


Snow Monkeys – Japon


Snow Monkeys – Japon


Sea Lion – Patagonia

Typical activities of the species are part of the subject's expressions, and physical confrontation is one of the most exciting moments... 

Grizzly Bears – Alaska


Chamois – Italy


Steinbocks – Italy


Steinbocks – Italy

Light, color, shapes and symmetries are always important elements ...

Red Dears – Italy


Cormorants – Italy


Red Dear -Italy


Swans – Italy


Flamencos – Bolivia


Vicunia – Andes


Red Dears – Italy


Red Dears – Germany

The marine environment undoubtedly has its charm...

Humpback whale – Patagonia


Humpback whale – Patagonia


Humpback whale and cormorants – Patagonia


(1/2) Chilean Skuas – Patagonia


(2/2)  Chilean Skuas – Patagonia

Wildlife is a passion. It is a feeling of freedom, simplicity and naturalness. It is also a way and a form of being to look at the horizon...

and ask yourself the many questions that such beauty raise...

Guanacos – Tierra del Fuego


Guanacos – Tierra del Fuego

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