Meeting what surrounds us and its beauty, attempting to capture emotions up to the threshold of the Art...



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Animal Portraits

The photos here collected have as subject some particular animals. Different wild types met on many trips over the years in multiple continents. The mode of representation and shooting is the "Portrait".  Portrait: "Figure escaped from the natural"as defined in the "Vocabolario toscano dell’Arte del Disegno" written by 
Filippo Baldinucci (Firenze 1681).

Panel 2


Hours and hours waiting

Waiting: condition too often hated and avoided, accustomed to "all immediately", to be able to choose what we want (or rather - what now passes for the my head) with a simple touch of finger. This is the basic condition together with the silence to enter in connection with wildlife, with all that are not closed by a fence and are not under our orders.

The nature and the beings that populate it have their own rhythms, their habits. For meeting them you have to stay, wait, listen and observe every single little detail...
 in silence!

before it is too late!

Panel 3

Street Photography

Walking down the street...

In the metro, at the restaurant, at the market, and ... always in a hurry, thinking of something else from what you see and meet, holding your smartphone always under your eyes, lost in your own thoughts, always chasing, in front of situations and facts that happen without noticing ...

Panel 4


Wandering around the world...

Meeting special people in their daily lives, all immersed in their habits and customs, admiring breathtaking landscapes that broaden the horizons of the mind and heart ...

About Me

Passionate about photography since the early years of high school, when together with a friend, he begins to apply and experiment with the traditional photographic technique by interpreting with his own photos the experiences and everyday life of the early years of study. During this period he published several photos in national magazines, in relation to facts and events of the time. The photographic activity completes the economic budget of the university years, but for many years it is set aside for an intense entrepreneurial work activity. In this long waiting period, we are witnessing the fundamental change of photography towards the digital world. At a more mature age, the need returns to witness the emotions and experiences lived in many business trips around the world, and here is the systematic recovery of photographic practice with the new digital tools available...

He lives in the province of Padua (Italy) tireless traveler, through numerous continents, meeting worlds, landscapes, animals, cultures and always different people.

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This passion for the photography is at the service of those who want to try new feelings by looking at the reality that surrounds us, even through a photo.

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